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PD Dr. Hyunseon Lee

London. January 2013 Habilitation, Philosophische Fakultät, Universität Siegen (Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft/Medienwissenschaft)

Dr. Hyunseon Lee I studied in Seoul, Berlin, Bochum and Dortmund (Germany); my doctoral thesis on GDR literature received the dissertation award of Dortmund University in 1998 and was subsequently published by J.B. Metzler Verlag. I have held postdoctoral scholarships at Siegen University (Germany) and Seoul National University and visiting scholarships at Columbia University (New York), Chuo University (Tokyo) and at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London. As a researcher I worked for several years at Siegen University in the fields of media & cultural studies. I have lectured at universities throughout Germany, Japan, South Korea and the USA. My research interests are wide-ranging; I have been published on Stefan Heym, Monika Maron, Francois Truffaut, Eric Rohmer, Akira Kurosawa, Nam June Paik, Franz Lehár, Giacomo Puccini and Lorenzo Da Ponte et al.

My research areas are modern German Literature, comparative media history, media aesthetic and global popular culture (focused on literature, music theatre & film, and particularly related to issues of gender performance, intermediality and interculurality of Europe & Eastasia).

I have organized several international interdisciplinary conferences; Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture: The Fin de Siècle and Its Legacy (London, September 2008) and “Mörderinnen: Verbrechen – Körper – Inszenierung” [Murderesses: Crime – Body – Performance] (Siegen, October 2011) - more details see below.
I am currently editing two books: Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture, jointly with Naomi Segal, the former director of the Institutes of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London and Mörderinnen: : Künstlerische und mediale Inszenierungen weiblicher Verbrechen (with Isabel Maurer Queipo, transcript Publisher 2013).
The forthcoming monograph is Butterfly Global. Interkulturelle Liebschaften zwischen Oper, Film und Literatur


Mörderinnen: Verbrechen – Körper – Inszenierung

Interdisziplinäre Tagung am GeStu_S: Zentrum für Gender Studies Siegen, Universität Siegen

Mörderinnen: Verbrechen – Körper – Inszenierung

Datum: 13.-14. Oktober 2011

Veranstalterinnen: Dr. Hyunseon Lee, Dr. Nicola Glaubitz

Ort: Artur Woll-Haus, Universität Siegen

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Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture: The Fin de Siècle and Its Legacy

An International Interdisciplinary Symposium

Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture: The Fin de Siècle and Its Legacy

Home dates: Thursday 25 Sep - Saturday 27 Sep 2008

Venue: Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London WC1B 5 DN

Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies and Institute of Musical Research (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

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